14 Sep

The Bread says, “Toaaaast!”

Well, I’m back from a working vacation. I believe that all (almost) of the trim in the house is caulked and ready to be painted. If bank robbers need a way to remove their fingerprints, all they have to do is fill trim on textured walls.

Anyway. Chris and Courtney are in Europe still. They should be back by Monday or so… My wife and I were not able to go with them as planned due to an unexpected medical procedure. BTW, travel insurance stinks–just TRY to get your money back. They want HAND-WRITTEN notes from the doctors among other stupidity.

CandC have not emailed. I can see two or three possibilities:

  • They are having too much fun to stop and do something so mundane as email.
  • Someone said to Courtney, “Hey, could you carry this onto the train for me?”
  • Aliens have abducted Chris’ brain. Again.

Cheryl (with whom I worked beside for about 2.5 years) has sent me a link to her cat’s blog. No. Really. It is a part of the “catosphere”… <sigh> Anyway, read it fer yersef:

Wait! Let me get a hammer!

yeah, that’s you all right. AND my old man (famous quote, “I can make it work . . .). however, being a woman, i vote with your wife–if those’d been my kiddies, they’da been behind a blast shield in the next county.

i enjoyed keith mcqueen, and LOVED those who live. posting some more, i trust?

congrats on scoring the free loot from Knowledge. ol’ smartygeek!

and although you didn’t ask (i’m sure you just forgot):

i recommend “i AM the mighty hunter” and “it wasn’t ME this time”. please overlook the variant spellings; rest assured that they are pretty standard in the catosphere (kitty blogosphere), however. kitties have a problem with that, but i can’t blame it on the lack of opposable thumbs.

grins to ya!


Well. I followed her instructions and looked at both the postings she recommended (and others). They are funny and unique (maybe a little outré 🙂 ), just as expected; along with being well-written. No big shock there.

Oh, and here’s a pic of the first day of school (in response to Cheryl’s request). The thought boxes were added in by Audi.