20 Feb

Astronomy 161 and Endian Update

Please please please, do your brain a favor and listen to the Astonomy 161 lectures by Richard Pogge (Ohio State).


Astronomy 161 – An Introduction to Solar System Astronomy


Astronomy 162 – Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, & the Universe

Great stuff!

In other news, Endian remains the bomb-diggity.  Three minor-ish criticisms:

  1. The out-going firewall interface needs the ability to create rulesets with a range of ports, rather then just by one at a time.  This was somewhat mitigated by the discovery that I can acually put an FQDN into a rule…Stupid Microsoft Streaming Media Services (SM SMS).
  2. Ident, port 113 is enabled, but closed, by default.  What?  So, I’m in stealth on all the well-known ports…except 113?  I mean, come on! Let me open it up if I need it.
  3. Why, oh, why does it reply to ICMP (ping) on the external interface!?!??!  What in the world!? Oh, and how do you turn it off?  What?  No one knows??!?!?  Give me a break, here, guys. 🙂

I need to do some more testing with OpenVPN to see if I hate it as badly as I think I do…

These are relatively minor complaints.  As far as a firewall goes, and a proxy, it’s running REALLY well.  50-billion or so times more secure than my little Belkin.

Point three above though, is the most troubling.  I’ll probably have to do some M4D ipchains hax0ring to fix it.