24 Apr

CCleaner – Clean up your Windows

Well, if you haven’t been paying attention, apparently Windows will slow down after some time in use…or so they say.  Mine doesn’t.  Mainly because I’m careful about spyware (not such a problem anymore since Google Chrome and Firefox), but also because I use utilities like this.

So if you want your machine to stop dogging out.  First, uninstall all the worthless programs you never use but none-the-less have collected over the last year or two.  Go to Microsoft Update, get any updates you may need.  Update your hardware drivers from each vendor’s website.


But most of all, go to Piriform and download the excellent FREE CCLeaner.  Once installed and started, the interface presents four tabs on the left.  Cleaner, Registry, Tools, and Options.  Start with Cleaner and have it analyze all of the temp files and nonesuch.  Punch the ‘Run Cleaner’ button and away it goes.


Next, go to the Tools tab and select the Startup group.  Turn off all the stupid stuff, like iTunes Helper, Java Update, and etc.  Google the name if you aren’t familiar with it…it may be malware.  Disable anything not necessary.


On the last tab (actually the middle) is the Windows Registry scanner.  Honestly, I’m chicken.  I was burned too many times with RegClean programs back in the Win9x days to feel completely comfortable letting a registry cleaner run.  Personally, this is a last ditch action–but you may feel differently about it–just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Overall, though, it’s a great thing.  I love simple little tools like this, that just work.  Try it out.

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