06 Apr

DJ Mikro

The unparalleled Mike Cummings is making some pretty suh-w33t progress on our NessusWX hack.  From the command line we can now drop the results automatically to CSV.  This is much better than having to enter the GUI and clicking the “Export” button.  With this addition to the code, we can fully automate these scans–and then schedule a DTS package to take them right into a SQL Server DB.

We will also probably add a command line switch to automatically export to MySQL, since it doesn’t seem to require that much more modification.

So now, it truly is a floor wax and a cake icing!

Two strange things immediately occur at this point:

  1. If you google “new shimmer”, “floor wax”, and”cake icing” you get a few hits with people referring to it, but none actually devoted to it.
  2. There’s a guy walking around our office pointing a laser pistol-style at all the HVAC registers.  Either he has one of those cool remote temp sensors, or he thinks he’s battling alien dust mites from deep within the dark recesses of our duct work.

Now that it’s out on the screen, maybe those two things don’t go together after all.  Oh well, here’s a cool game.