03 Feb

Endian Issues and Fixes

Ok, really quick:

The proxy service wouldn’t start.  Which was really irritating, as that is what seems to drive the anti-virus and content filtering.  So, I went searching.  On the mail lists, I found this:

Roger Grant wrote:
> I had the same problem, it looks like squid is failling if the blue
> interface is not defined.
> Here is the output from squid (on a vanilla install with 3 interface
> red,green,orange)
> FATAL: Bungled squid.conf line 74: http_access deny EFW_src_orange
> EFW_dst_blue
> I resolved this by enabling “Allow Access from ORANGE to BLUE:” in the
> “Nework based access control” of the proxy configuration page.
> Impetus wrote:
>> hello comunity, happy new year……
>> i am running endian 2.1 now, with no problems exept i am unable to start
>> the proxy.
>> i ticked proxy on green and transparent proxy on green, then all acsess
>> to the net is blocked.
>> allso on status – Services Web proxy is stopped (brown). i restarted the
>> systen several times, no
>> difference….
>> any ideas? please help
>> regards urs

And sure enough, ticking the checkbox started the proxy service right up.  I’m thankful for the GUI, but abstracting control can sometimes cause these little issues.  Oh well.

Now I can comment better on sizing.  A PIII level machines seems to work fine, however, I only put in 128MB of RAM (for some reason).  I am using tons of swap space according to the system stats and 99% of physical memory.  In other words, I need to at least double the RAM.  The problem is that PC100 is old enough that it’s hard to find.  But I think I have a source.

So far, Endian seems to be running great.