22 Mar

Every word is planned to mystify you…

Is it just me or are MP3 players just intrinsically cool?

Centurytel was pleased to send me a free Dell DJ Ditty (512MB). It has a GREAT interface, built in USB (which also recharges the battery), and even a built in FM radio (for those wacky talk stations). I can HIGHLY recommend this little player.

My wife is getting an iPod Shuffle. Again for free, this time from a NetGear promo. I don’t know much about this player, but we’ll see how it works out for her.

Too bad I can’t get an iSophagus with neckTunes. It actually holds more songs than have ever been written!

Funny thing is, I didn’t know how much I’d use one. BSG podcasts, all kindsa stuff. Love it. I may have to get a full blown iPod one day…but I’ll hold off in the face of the rumors of the new video iPod with a 4″ screen. (The pic below is even named “fake” so you’ll be sure not to miss it.) However, it is interesting in light of the new patents for which Apple is applying, particularly the “touch screen with gesture control”.

Fake, but cool.