31 Mar


I love image tools. Oddly, I don’t really have a favorite. Yeah, I like Photoshop–it’s a great package. But I also like Fireworks and Gimpshop.

And who DOESN’T love Irfan? ALOT of my image work is done solely with Irfan. Alt-Print Screen, and Ctrl-V it right into IrfanView. Save it as a JPG or a PNG. Actually, I’m trying to get away from JPG now… I really need to stop and do some testing with filesizes and quality levels between the two formats. I’ll save that for a future blog post.

Fireworks is the stepchild of Macromedia Flash and rarely gets any respect compared to the powerhouse Photoshop and the indie street-cred of the Gimp. But Fireworks is fast and easy, doesn’t have weirdo interface rules, and puts out great results. Really–does ANYONE get the Photoshop’s interface the first time they try to use it? Give me a break.

Anyway, here’s a quickie I did by scamming a friend’s picture out of our employee database and, uh, adding to it 🙂 The name has been blanked to protect the not-so-innocent.

Before, and After:


So, it’s not GREAT–I never said I was a pro. I just have fun with it. Not only that, this took all of 5 minutes.

And sometimes, it’s SUPPOSED to look fake. I work with a guy that shares the same name as Maureen McCormick’s husband (Marsha Brady – The Brady Bunch). I have NO idea how I found that out, so don’t even bother asking. But, nonetheless, an opportunity presented iself, and I spewgged his head into the photo. The REAL guy in the photo actually has a huge grape to begin with so it’s not totally my fault…


Lastly, one that’s more complex. Bill drank about one Red Bull a day. So, once again to the employee database. But this one required Anim8or to build a quick 3D model, Photoshop, Flash to do a quick background, and Fireworks to add all of the texture components together. I think I had to find some other little tool to help make the texture wrapping map…but anyway, then I loaded it into Anim8or and finished it up. I was going to paste it over a mountain bike scene or something, which is why the can is sitting at an strange angle–it was going to be flying out of the picture like a Mt. Dew add.


But I ran out of time…after a total of about 30 to 45 minutes I had wasted enough time on a practical joke.

Uh…one word of caution…always make sure that an image prank will be well received. After all, you gotta work with these people 🙂