06 Jul

Fast and Danger

I received this in my inbox earlier today:



Thank you for taking the Global Knowledge 360 Degrees
of Knowledge exam.  By completing the exam, you were entered to win one of 10
Microsoft Xbox 360sâ„¢.  I’m happy to inform you that you have been selected as
one of our winners.

You will receive a $500 Amazon.com claim code that
can be used to purchase a Microsoft Xbox 360â„¢ or any other product from
Amazon.com.  To claim you prize, simply reply to this email and verify your
name, phone number and mailing address.



Having actually won very few things* in my lifetime, this came as an exciting shock.  My wife asked if I was going to get the 360, and I told her no.  I don’t think I’d use it.  Sometime soon I want to build a MCE box for the bedroom, and THEN I’ll get a 360 to stream video to the familyroom TV…but that project is on indefinite hold.

On the other hand, there IS the trip to Europe in September…

  • Canon Powershot A620 7.1MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom – $214.95
  • Apple 30 GB iPod with Video Playback White – $279.99
  • KOSS Stereo In Ear Ear Plugs – The Spark Plug – $8.99

Came out to about $503.00 with free shipping.

So, yes, I got the camera.  That’s a no brainer.  My $200.00 Cool Stuff certificate from Global Knowledge will not be availible until AFTER I take the training, which is scheduled for October–so I would not have had the camera I wanted for Europe.  I’ve never before owned a nice digital camera, so this ought to be great.

As for the KOSS earphones, I’ve been doing some research and these seem to be some of the best in the less-than-$100 category.  There are some $40.00 Sony parts, but I thought I’d give these a shot first on the strength of the reviews and the fact that I wouldn’t be out much money if I didn’t like them.  In any case, I had  been planning to order a pair for about a month now.

The iPod?  Well, who doesn’t want an iPod?  My Dell DJ Ditty has done a fine job, but well…it only holds 512MB and can’t do video or pictures.  But, to be honest, that wasn’t the only compelling reason.  I wanted it, once again, for Europe.  You see, I’m not taking a laptop with me.  We are trying to go as light as possible.  And while I was browsing the cameras the other day, I saw this jobber:


Which syncs a camera to an iPod.  So, that’s my plan.  Use my iPod as my picture depot.  Once thing, though, seems like most people are saying that it is hard on the batteries, so I’ll probably get an AC adapter, too.


I’m still giddy.

Now I need to research open source software so I don’t have to use iTunes.  I know Rhapsody will work with an iPod, but I’m hoping for something even simpler.  If anyone has any ideas, lemme know.

Oh, and Global Knowledge has a customer for life!  Everyone go:  http://www.globalknowledge.com


* I won a 3Dfx VooDoo 3 card from some random website once.  I won a case of paper plates once while working at Sweetheart Cup Company.  And I *thought* I won a Milton Bradley Clue game once when I was about 5 years old, however, looking back I think it was my brother Ty’s ticket that was choosen–but he was a good enough big brother to let me claim it.

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