30 Jan

Firewalls and Old Stuff

Check out http://www.endian.it

I will be testing this firewall distro over the next few months.  It appears to be feature rich and able to replace my widdle belkin router at home, now that my WatchGuard 700 has died the death.  I’m hoping that WatchGuard will send me an old motherboard or an EEPROM (which is what I think is the problem), but there will be no breath-holding. 

Inside the Firebox is simply a small format custom PC board with a socket 7.  Mine has a 233MHz AMD K6-2 proc and a a 64MB SODIMM (like a laptop) that appears to be PC100.  We have another Firebox 700 at the office that is out-of-warranty, so I swapped all the parts I could, including the power supply, to no avail.  Has to be the motherboard or the software image. 

In other word, unless WatchGuard takes pity on poor me, it’s dead, Jim.

So, I’ll build an Endian FW from spare parts.  From what I can gather…or at least as far as I care , the group that started Smoothwall on SourceForge splintered in to several parts, from whence arose m0n0wall and IPCop.  And then (maybe?) the IPCop group split and started Endian.

In any case, my primary need is a true deep-packet inspection firewall, not a silly NAT-based obfuscation (like a Belkin or Linksys consumer router).  Endian seems to provide that, along with some IDS, some filtering, and proxy services.  I’ll let ya know.

Oh, and I posted three music files I found on the downloads page.  Talk about a blast from the past.  One of them, at least, been hanging around various hard drives and backup CDs for almost 10 years!

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