30 Jun

Gravity is a Harsh Mistress

Global Knowledge is great.  Well…I don’t know if their training is any good, but they are giving away a $200 gift certificate to Amazon with every class you schedule.  And I just signed up for a SQL 2005 class 🙂

They call it their Cool Stuff promotion.

And one of the suggested give aways listed is a Canon Powershot A520 4MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom.  However, I think I’ll add $20 to it and get the more better version, the Canon Powershot A620 7.1MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom.


Anyway, I have a trip planned for Europe in September, so this little baby will come in handy.

Update on the TSQL situation:  I migrated the !=’3′ to the view because it was causing very odd results.  I was trying to filter the backup application ID from my database.  Veritas is ID #1, BrightSTOR is 2, and 3 is None.  However, whenever I ran the statement, the handful of servers on BrightSTOR would double in number…

So, if ServerA had Veritas, it would appear one time in the results, but is ServerB used BrightSTOR, it would appear two times.


No one had any good reason for that.  Anyway, putting the NOT 3 filter in the view rather than the SQL script (in the job) fixed it.