31 Mar


So, I’m shooting for 1200 or less calories each day.  And, I’m using one of the best free web applications (Fitday.com) I’ve ever seen for this.  It’s not that it’s pretty–just REALLY functional.  I’m sure that once upon a time, people could actually do things without memberships to various websites, but not anymore.  We’re helpless without them.


Start drinking zero calorie drinks.  Really, and I mean it.  And don’t complain that they just don’t taste good–you’re right, they aren’t exact copies.  Big deal.  Look at the math (based upon 2 cans per day at the office):

Calories Each
Calories Weekly
Percent of Goal
Dr. Pepper
Diet Dr. Pepper

Hello?  By drinking a diet soda, I can actually take in nearly one third more calories than if I drank a regular soda.  (Ok, yeah, I realize that it would be better just to drink water–but that really isn’t the point of this post 🙂  Try this on for size–get a 12 pack of Diet A&W Root Beer.  Keep it really cold in the office fridge.  Promise yourself that you won’t drink any other kind of soda until it’s gone–you’ll probably surprise yourself.