08 Aug

Like Fruitcake!

ScummVM is a great application.  If you haven’t been able to play the old LucasArts adventures on your WinXP machine, then this is your one-stop-shop.  It is unbelieveably easy to use…just point it at the game and it just runs.  For instance, I took an ISO of Sam and Max: Hit the Road, mounted the ISO using Virtual CDROM Tools, pointed ScummVM at the virtual CD directory and good stuff just started happening.

The World’s Largest Ball of Twine was a great memory.


However, I loved the Mystery Vortex.


Anyway, two other things:

Number one, Chris Lazarro is patently jealous of my backpack.  And he should be.  It is incredible.  All the shoulder and belly straps can be zipped up behind a panel, and a side shoulder strap can be used.  Or you can unzip the panel, store it into hidden compartment, and use it like an ordinary backpack.  I’ll take some shots of this if I get around to it.  It was some un-expected goodness.

Secondly, I’ve redesigned my rocket’s graphics.  I’m thinking of putting an instruction manual together in the trademark Joe Baxter way, and seeing what a complete kit would go for on eBay.  It will give me an excuse to learn a 3D Modeler–as there is no way I can release a professional product without cool graphics.  I’ve rebranded it the Sirius Beta.  And as an update, I’ve filled all the tube spirals in and am ready to get a thick coat of white primer on the body.  I still need some plastic modeler’s putty to fill in the seam of the nose cone.  Here’s the new logo, btw:


Ok…I was mistaken–Thirdly, MilkShape is an awesome freeware package for low-polygon models.  It is worth checking out.  Update:  Sorry, it’s not freeware.  It is trialware for 30 days, and costs $25.00 to register.  Which still appears to be quite a deal.

One thought on “Like Fruitcake!

  1. Actually….

    I think you’re projecting your own backpack insecurity and inadequacy feelings onto me. You’re going to be begging me to carry some of your stuff in my super comfortable, internal frame, light-weight, high-tech backpack:


    It’s amazing. The backpack is the same weight as yours yet carries so much more and is going to be soooo comfortable to use. And don’t be afraid of that price! I snagged one on eBay for less than half that.

    I might be able to recommend a good counselor if your personal problems continue.

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