09 Aug

Midget Smugglers

My friend, Thomas Joseph Murray IV, would always request disambiguation with the following phrase, “Is that a flaming herring juggler?”.  I think it comes from the muppets (much like my drawing).  Anyway, the question centers around which object is actually on fire, the herrings or the juggler.

So, in the case of Midget Smugglers–well, you see where I’m going here…

Moving right along, if you haven’t been to 1984 Arcade, you really owe it to yourself to head over there.  As their slogan goes, “$5.00 all you can play, no tokens, no quarters.”  We recently took a group there and had a blast.  You can watch the video over on the download page, or get it here.  (Oh, and I also linked the bottle rocket videos there, too.)


In other matters, I’ve colorized my rocket logo as a step to take a manual to print.  I sat up until about midnight working on it, but it finally came together and ended up looking pretty sharp IMHO.


BTW, if anyone knows where Tom IV is, tell him to email me.  His dad, the inestimable Tom III has retired to Florida, but I have not heard from the son for 10 years.

5 thoughts on “Midget Smugglers

  1. I think you should remove the constellation from behind the star and sirius text and shrink it and put it below or to the side or corner of the rest of the stuff. having it in the background is distracting – my eyes can’t distinguish the logo immediately and it’s disorienting. the idea of the constellation pattern (if that is what it is) is valid, but i think the implementation could use some work. just a thought.

    • Erm…I know what you are saying, but I kinda like it like that. It’s a bit busy right now, but without the canis major diagram in the background, it is really plain looking. The diagram also gives it a somewhat irregular look too, that I dig.

      I’m sure it will change several more times 🙂

  2. The Greater Dog needs some work somehow. It’s stands out a little too much. How about blending it with the background a little?

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