14 Jul

MySQL Authentication Woes – MythTVDB and XBMC

Well, this little issue hit me with a brief feeling of deja-vu.  It is the exact same trouble that I faced trying to get Nessus security scanner frontend to write data to a MySQL database.  I don’t know when exactly it changed, but new versions of MySQL writes passwords in a hashed table (and perhaps a new location, too) so that older apps trying to connect simply cannot read (or find) the password to authenticate the transaction.  In other words, the biggest issue I was having with the XBMCMythTV script was this authentication issue.

And that was only after finding the sneaky place that Mythbuntu recorded the actual password in the first place!  The setup never asked me to assign one–it just popped a random password on the MySQL mythtv account.

Yeah…just open up etc/mythtv/mysql.txt and there it is…obviously.

Anyway, once I had the actual password (psst–it wasn’t “mythtv” like all the docs said) I thought I was good to go.  No wonder the XBMCMythTV script couldn’t connect, right?


Even with the proper password, the connection test would still time out.  That was when I remembered this little gem.  I had to setup the account “mythtv” to use the old password style inside MySQL.  So, I opened up a terminal on the backend server and did this:

$ mysql -u root -p
mysql> UPDATE mysql.user SET password=OLD_PASSWORD('XXXXXXXXXX') WHERE user='mythtv'
mysql> flush privileges;
mysql> quit

Naturally, I replaced the XXXXXXXXXX business with the real password.  Gee, suddenly XBMC could connect.  Amazing.  Now about those Samba shares…

Since I had added that other hard drive, I remapped all the file locations.  No big deal, I just added them as shares in the Network GUI of Mythbuntu.  Doing so was far easier than I thought it would be.  Simply a matter of matching up the where the files were shared and where XMBCMythTV thought they would be.

After all of this was completed, I could watch recorded shows on the Xbox.  However, it is pretty slow…and feels…well…confining.  The picture quality is great–probably due to the PVR-350.  It’s just that the MythTV part of the interface is really clunky.  I know that the next version of XBMC supposedly is bringing all of the MythTV script functionality into the package officially, but I’m not sure I’m ready to wait for it.

As it stands, I’m not sure that this can pass muster with my wife.

I still cannot watch Live TV on the Xbox.  This is a huge issue and falls way short of full DVR functionality–pausing, skipping, and rewinding live television.  I’ll jump into troubleshooting this ASAP.  Being gone for a week at Family Camp slowed my progress a bit on this project.

Another minor issue is the lack of volume controls on the Xbox DVD remote.  I already knew about this one–and it’s nothing that a good learning universal remote won’t fix.

I would really hate to scrap all of the Xbox work and move onto install Xebian on the hardware with a full-blown MythTV frontend.  For one thing, I am given to understand that it is a touch slow.  For another, I don’t want to accept defeat. 🙂

We’ll see how it turns out.