01 Jul

MythTV – Final Wrap Up

I’m very happy with MythTV up to this point. It is no where near as fragile as I feared it might be–in fact, it seems to be quite robust. A recent power outage knocked its pins out from under it, but by the time I checked, the machine was already back up and running. Part of that is the BIOS setting “Last State on Power Restore,” but if the software wasn’t up to the task no hardware setting is going to help.

Which reminds me, I need to get a separate UPS for all of these machines that will form the backbone of my home network.

I found this website for refurbished APC units, that has great prices, but will add shipping charges. However, for the savings on some of the larger models, those fees would be negligible.  For the 300VA model they only ask $29.00 (very reasonable).  Matter of fact, for the firewall certainly, 300 is all I would ever need.  Or I could get this 350VA Eaton Power model from 3btech, with free shipping…

I just want to cover the power “blips,” not the extremely rare two hour plus outages.

There are two remaining “issues” that are probably related.  The first is the channel changing speed on LiveTV, it’s a bit slow.  The second is the “Listings” on the MythWeb page from the same server–also slow to come up.  I will be adding a much faster and larger hard drive that will probably do a great deal to help this.  Also some fiddling with hdparm will probably help.  This link outlines the basic idea.

Finally, I want to point to two 3rd Party applications that work with MythTV.  The first is MythTV Player.  This is a Windows client for Myth that can play recordings and live TV.  It works like a champ.  There is no scheduling capability, but then, that’s what MythWeb is for…  I’ll add in the screen shot from the program’s homepage, because I forgot to grab one of my own. 🙂


The last little thing I’ll throw out is Myth2iPod.  I haven’t tested this one yet, but the idea should be pretty obvious–synch your recorded programs to your video iPod.  Even if this doesn’t work–and I don’t know why it wouldn’t–the idea is out there.  Adding an RSS feed for the videos in iTunes shouldn’t be too much work.


[Edit:  Apparently KnoppixMyth now has this built-in]

And that’s about it.  This has been a fantastic learning experience–and a highly inexpensive one.  I have four “nice to do” purchases ahead of me–none are in the “have to do” category.  And all of them together won’t even add up to $150.00.  They are:

  1. Bigger Hard Drive
  2. Moderate UPS
  3. 512MB RAM
  4. Additional Tuner Cards

On to the Xbox hack!  See you, Space Cowboy.