25 Jun

MythTV Makes Me Cry – Motorola DCT2xxx Serial Port

It shouldn’t be this hard.  Unlike peeling an onion, I feel more like I’m slicing a bushel of them.  <sniff>  Ok, I’m better now.  I was just feeling a little fragile there for a moment…

Allow me to make with the status.

First, the Cable box is connected back up, along with a serial cable to COM1.  Inside MythTV Backend Setup, I set the input pretune to channel 4 (which is what the cable box requires).  Going just that far, I can start the Myth frontend and watch Live TV, but I have to change the channel manually by pushing the buttons on the front of the cable box.


So, obviously I need something to send a signal out COM1 and into the Motorola serial port that tells it to change the channel.  Doesn’t sound too hard, right?  Sure didn’t to me–however, it is seriously hard to track down information on this subject.

I finally found this link:


However, it seems to be pretty old information–it certainly didn’t work flawlessly.  Matter of fact, MAKE returned tons of errors and missing files.

So, went back to the well and fished up this little beauty:


However, when I try to test the program, the console returns:  COMMAND NOT FOUND.  I don’t know what the deal is…  I’ll get back to you.