20 Jun

MythTV Update – MPlayer works, IRC Support isn’t, and Wireless

Just a quick update:  I can watch TV through MPlayer now.  Now that I have all of the IVTV drivers installed correctly, it is a simple matter of opening a terminal and telling MPlayer to access that device:

mplayer /dev/video0

But I still can’t get LiveTV inside Myth.  And when I tell it to record, it starts a .NUV file, but the size never grows (stays around 9K or 12K).  So, in other words, Myth simply isn’t accessing the PVR-350 correctly.

Naturally I tried to get on IRC for some help, but in the mythbuntu channel there were 40 people all idling–no one responded.  In the main mythtv channel a user named “dustybin” responded and was helpful, but had never used a PVR-350 or Mythbuntu.

During time I was working on this, I was also running up and down the stairs trying to get my Wireless DMZ back in operation.  PFSense simply wasn’t cooperating–I couldn’t get the DMZ to see anything else.  Matter of fact, DMZ hosts couldn’t even ping their own gateway (destination host unreachable) even though they were getting DHCP addresses.  That should have told me something was hung up.  I eventually figured out that the BSD network stack had some hung states and rebooted.  Suddenly everything was fine.

I let all of my wireless devices (including the Wii) grab a DHCP lease and then copied their MAC addresses into a notepad.  For the DHCP server on the DMZ interface, I told it not to issue addresses to unknown hosts and added the MAC addresses to the known list.

The firewall ruleset on the DMZ was an any-to-any.  It had been opened up that way for troubleshooting.  So, I changed it to a rule to not allow access to the LAN subnet, or in other words, any-to-!LAN.

This works for now–I may want to crank it down more later by assigning DHCP reservations to devices.  But, maybe not.