08 Aug

Oh, The Pain–The PAIN!

Well, that didn’t take long 🙂 Chris has already posted a comment:

I think you’re projecting your own backpack insecurity and
inadequacy feelings onto me. You’re going to be begging me to carry some of your
stuff in my super comfortable, internal frame, light-weight, high-tech


amazing. The backpack is the same weight as yours yet carries so much more and
is going to be soooo comfortable to use. And don’t be afraid of that price! I
snagged one on eBay for less than half that.

I might be able to recommend
a good counselor if your personal problems continue.

So…I guess I need to put it up for a vote. If you feel, as Chris obviously does, that a modern steamer-trunk is required to spend 15 days in Europe (or voyaging on the S.S. Polar Explorer), please speak right out. However, as a reasonable and contemplative adult you steadfastly believe that compact and stylish wins the day, you may wisely agree with me.


Anyway, lets go.

31 thoughts on “Oh, The Pain–The PAIN!

  1. I like the backpack on the right better. It seems to be the more intelligent choice between the two.

  2. My vote goes to the one on the right. It is more ergonomic in design this bag on long trips is amazing. you can fit most of the office in it with no discomfort to the lower back. Best of all fully loaded still fits in the overhead compartment even on the little planes. The price is right, for the bag on the RIGHT!

  3. The one on the left while spacious does not take the consideration of size and transportation into consideration. Try getting that thing fully loaded onto a Royal Canadian Jet and you’ll be tieing a green check tag on there faster then you can say toasty peanuts please.

    Or as my wife would say, I don’t like the color.

    Bag on the right looks nice and seems mor functional in the long run.

    • I thought you were going to EUROPE from AMERICA? What does Canada have to do with ANYTHING AT ALL??? American’s don’t fly trans-Atlantic in Cessna’s

  4. Sorry Joe, after actually seeing the backpacks … I can’t lie. I like the one on the left.

    If you don’t want to pay me for the comment… I understand.

  5. I’ve been backpacking Europe for almost 20 years at 2 week intervals and that backpack on the left is simply amazing. I tried the backpack on the right and threw it away after just one day! Go Granite Gear!

  6. Hey! That backpack on the right looks just like my high skewl backpack. That rocks, man! It was so big I could fit 3 of my books in it and some tots for snackin. Awesome!

  7. I have to agree with Chris on this one. A: because if you keep typing his name and don’t stop, you get Christ…and B: the Boy Scout motto is Be Prepared. Besides, his is pretty stinkin’ 1337…

  8. Hmmmm, doing a little psychological manipulation, Joseph? It seems that you used a nice color-corrected sharp picture of your backpack and put it next to a blurry picture of mine. Why don’t you PhotoShop some horns and a pentagram on mine and finish the job?

  9. The OBVIOUS choice would be the pack on the left… unless of course you have toothpicks for legbones and wet noodles for calf mucles. Then of course I’d recommend the silly tangerine-“esque” girly pack on the right.

  10. If I was backpacking through Europe and wanted to bring home a midget I would choose the pack on the left.

  11. You’re right! I’ve smuggled so many midgets into the country using just my one granite gear. And it still looks brand new. Granite Gear is the bomb!

    • Hey midgetsmuggler. It’s nice to hear from another person in the trade, but you’re going to give us a bad name if you keep using those outmoded terms. They like to be referred to as little people. And speaking of backpacks, I’ve been known to fit 2 little people in my granite gear.

    • You’re not getting me in either of those backpack! And you’re not getting any of my little people in there either.

      • Hey, how many of you would fit in the one on the left anyway? I’m havin’ a picnic and wanted to take a along a few ….uh….guests..yea, that’s it, guests!

  12. So you’re each planning for two people to live out of your pack, right? Joe, what on earth are you planning to fit in that skimpy little man-bag? An extra t-shirt for each of you and a toothbrush to share? I’d hate to be the chap sitting beside you on the train after a week. No sir, I’d be sitting back by Chris, even if it would be a bit more cramped.

  13. The one on the left, definitely. My wife and I are expecting our first child in September, and the spacious backpack on the left would be perfect for taking little Lydia along on hikes. No stroller needed, just put her in the backpack with a pacifier, and away we go. I think this plan would work with the big backpack until she is at least 13. With the puny little backpack, however, we would have to start lugging around a stroller at about 3 months. Ugh. It’s better to have the space and not need it than to need the space and not have it.

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