04 May

Linux.com Article: Using Windows, Xbox, and iPod as Alternative MythTV Front Ends


Originally published at www.linux.com on December 09, 2008 at 09:00 AM; reprinted with the author’s permission.

Digital video recorders (DVR) are becoming more and more mainstream. TiVo, in fact, has passed the truest test of any popular technology — having its name transformed into a verb. MythTV, a free and open source application that lets you turn a computer into a DVR, burst on the scene a few years ago, and has found fans among Linux users. However, with a little effort, it’s possible to run MythTV front ends on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Xbox, and even an Apple iPod Classic.

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28 Apr

Linux.com Article: Protecting Networks with SmoothWall Express 3.0


Originally published at www.linux.com on December 09, 2008 at 09:00 AM; reprinted with the author’s permission.

Corporations and home users alike need firewall protection. Many choices abound, including some expensive, commercial options that only run on specialized hardware. Others, like SmoothWall Express, are freely downloadable, built on the same technology as the commercial solutions, and even deliver some superior features.

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24 Apr

CCleaner – Clean up your Windows


Well, if you haven’t been paying attention, apparently Windows will slow down after some time in use…or so they say.  Mine doesn’t.  Mainly because I’m careful about spyware (not such a problem anymore since Google Chrome and Firefox), but also because I use utilities like this.

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18 Dec

Network Security 101 – Data Classification


Ok, this really isn’t that difficult.

There are two main classification schemes for data objects; the most well-known is used by the US Government for protected national information.It uses terms, now made somewhat clichéd in popular media. The other generally used schema is for the private sector.

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09 Dec

New Article Published – Protect Your Network with SmoothWall 3

Once again, I have pestered the editors at the ordinarily refined Linux.com into publishing an article.  I had a harder time getting this one right.  I was stuck in a fiction writing mode–half of the sentences I wrote were in passive voice.  Very frustrating–probably more so for the editors.



In any case, go check out the story–SmoothWall is an excellent choice for network border security.

14 Nov

Options for Open Source Document Management


Twenty years ago, companies managed critical documents inside a concrete-lined filing cabinet. If any instructions needed to be disseminated to all employees, they were photocopied and thumb-tacked to the bulletin boards in all the break rooms. Emergency procedures were usually kept in a brightly colored three-ring binder, which unfortunately contained printouts two or three revisions out-of-date. Twenty years is a significant amount of time. Surely technology has advanced to provide a better way.

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06 Oct

Establish Geek Cred – Read Science Fiction


There is blight upon our land.  Honest, hard-working, I.T. professionals are growing up with their creativity stunted.  Their bright eyes should flash in the pale glow of indicators, basking in technology for technology’s sake; but instead, the young eyes are made dim with sadness being denied resources essential to their success and happiness.

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