12 May

Piriform Defraggler – Best Free Windows Defragmentation Program

Way to go Piriform!  I haven’t seen a defragger that made me this happy since MS-DOS 6.22.  I could continue to gush about this, but really, the proof is in the pudding.

Simple Recipe for Better Performance:

  • Download Defraggler now, and run it.
  • Let it get finished, reboot, and run it again.
  • Now, just tell me your computer doesn’t feel snappier.

It really is that simple.  In the future, activate Defraggler a few times a month, or use it’s handy scheduler.  When opened, the main window looks like this:


Click the Analyze button and let it do it’s thing.  After a few moments of counting on electronic fingers, you should see a report like this:


It has the measure of the drive…now, one more thing…let’s move all the big files out of the Operating System’s way.  Click Settings | Options and go to the Defrag tab.  Check the “Move large files to the end of the drive…” and then “OK.”


Now, click the Defrag button.

Instant…well…almost instant results and better performance.  I wish more software worked this well.  Remember, they also make the remarkable  CCleaner we talked about a few weeks ago.  This is just required maintenance.  There’s really no decision to make, just do it.

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