24 Apr

Regional Dialects

The Internet is its own region and thusly has a dialect unique to the inhabitants.  To this end, l33t and tech are relegated to mere “accent” status, and the cadence and structure of the dialect conforms and transforms culture.


Language drives culture and interaction.  It should be apparent that language is a prerequisite to ordered filing systems, such as memory (both conscious and unconscious).  Ask a five year old, who should be very close to pre-speech memories age-wise, to tell you about being a baby.  They find it as impossible as you or I do–they simply did not have the language to describe events–therefore no long-term records.

Wamma-lamma, Bamma-lamma.

I am in the middle of Mississippi this weekend installing a several additional blades in a bank’s blade center, and an additional terabyte of disk in their SAN.  Huge, multi-state bank, in a little bitty town.  BTW, VolumeCopy is now a personal requirement for every SAN with which I become involved…just remember to disable “read-only” mode. 🙂

Anyway, this morning I stopped into a c-store and purchased some coke / soda / pop / what-have-you.  While I was standing there at the counter, I heard the door open up behind me, and the most amazing thing happened.  The girl behind the counter smiled over my shoulder at this new customer entering the store and said, I kid you not, “Good mornin’, Uncle Bebop!”

Now, how cool is that?  Don’t you want to be known as Uncle Bebop?