31 Mar

Sci-fi paperbacks

Old sci-fi paperbacks are great. I even love the smell of the local half-price book store. I think back to the summer vacations from Greenwood, when Ted O’brien, his little brother Mike, and I would go to the book store with a grocery sack of paperbacks with which we were willing to part. We’d check them in for in-store credit, add a ten dollar bill or so to the kitty, and walk out with two “new” sacks full of dog-eared sci-fi novels.

On the way out of the place, the owner would always say, “Read fast and come back.”

I had a strategy for selecting books. There were always a few books or authors on my rabidly-sought list…but part of the fun was selecting at random. And just how did you do that? Why, the cover art, certainly!


I believe Don Dixon is personally responsible for my purchase of all of Michael McCollum’s novels. Particularly Procyon’s Promise…somthing about the artwork caught my eye–I read the book, and was hooked on the author.

Check out the artwork of Don Dixon.

Last I knew, Ted was on a fellowship to the University of Florida to do his post-graduate work. I saw him one Sunday afternoon a eight or so years ago at his parents’ house. I’m sure he has his PhD by now–which would be an even greater accomplishment in the face of his battles with MD.