18 Apr


Well…as it sits on our kitchen counter it doesn’t look like much.  But, you’ll have to trust me.  It will butterfly into an extremely cool
rocket.  It is completely custom designed using the fantastic RockSim 8.0

It will fly on a 29mm Aerotech reload, and hit about 1660ft
on an F40.  Which is about where I wanted it.  I’m using all
LOC/Precision parts that I had on hand from an aborted project to
kit-bash an Estes Honest John.  Anyway, I still need to order a few
more bulkhead plates, a third centering ring, and an Ogive nosecone.  Theorhetically, I will be making this rocket baffled (no wadding) and zipper-proof.  We’ll see how it works out for me 🙂


What you see here is, left to right, a tube coupler that is serving as my baffle chamber.  It’s alot easier to build a baffle inside a 5″ long tube, rather than trying to get down inside a 30″ airframe.  It is CA’d to a 2.56″ centering ring on an 8″ chunk of 29mm motor mount.  The rear CR in the picture is just there to make sure I can get a square joint while the adhesive cured.  Last night I used 30 minute epoxy inside and out on this small assembly.  I’m now ready to place the first baffle plate.

Here’s a thumb of the rocksim interface with the Sirius design loaded–click for a full sized shot.  You’ll notice that the stability is too high here because I do not have an engine loaded…it falls back to about 1.40 or so with an F40.