06 Jun


Mr. Bruce Webster has made clarification to a previous post. 

Thanks for the kind words, but I must clarify a few things. First, Wayne
Holder was co-designer of Sundog (though I did most of the programming on the
original Apple II version). Second, the Atari ST version was done by Wayne, Doug
Bell, Mike Newton, and Andy Jaros (though it did make use of some of the
original Apple II source code). Third, I’m not a lawyer, I just work for them
from time to time (as an expert witness).

And for more SunDog
goodies, you can go to sundog.brucefwebster.com and sundog.sourceforge.net.
There’s also more info in the Wikipedia entry (SunDog:_Frozen_Legacy).

So, the unfortunate fact is that I was horribly wrong on several points. 🙂  I wish it were the first time.  And you know, now that he brings it up–most of the elements do come glimmering in from the dim past.  I hope, however, that sometime he will tell me how he resisted saying, “I just play one on TV.”  Such restraint must come only at monumental effort!

Ah, well…the point of the blog post was to gush about SunDog–which I believe was more or less successful.