21 Aug

Sunlight, on my shoulder, makes me happy…

I’ve updated the Sirius project with a new page of pictures.  I have only two or three challenges to solve before I can finish it up.  AND then, we’ll launch this puppy!  Ok, five.

  • Rail buttons–not really a challenge, I just have to order them.
  • Motor retention clip.  I think I can probably fabricate this…we’ll see.
  • Upper shock cord attachment…I want to be able to change out the cords if one gets damaged.
  • Parachute design–build or buy?
  • Paint scheme–I have some ideas here.

I’m teaching myself Blender, so I can work up some 3D models of the rocket.  That way, I’ll be able to play with some of the color schemes I have in mind.  And Blender is just awesome, btw.

Oh, and the rocket’s back-story is almost done too.  Wait–you didn’t know that the rocket had to have a back-story?  What kind of philistine are you!?!?

2 thoughts on “Sunlight, on my shoulder, makes me happy…

  1. Rail buttons are not a challenge – they’re jsut a kid. I am looking for a real chaaaaallllllllenge!

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