09 Mar

Safeguarding Family Internet – Overview


My wife and I home school our children using excellent videos from Abeka, and it works out very well.  They can travel with me when the opportunity arises, work from the dentist’s waiting room, or whatever.  Except for the problem of how to let the kids get to the Internet safely.  Well, there’s all kinds of thoughts out there on the subject.  Everything from “Don’t” (absolutist) to the school of thought that says “They’re Going to See It Anyway” (defeatist).  Then there are the people who say, “My kids would never do anything like that…”

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01 Jul

MythTV – Final Wrap Up


I’m very happy with MythTV up to this point. It is no where near as fragile as I feared it might be–in fact, it seems to be quite robust. A recent power outage knocked its pins out from under it, but by the time I checked, the machine was already back up and running. Part of that is the BIOS setting “Last State on Power Restore,” but if the software wasn’t up to the task no hardware setting is going to help.

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11 Jun

New House Blues (MythTV, FreeNAS, and PFSense)


It has certainly been a busy month.  We just moved to a new house–which wreaked havoc with my technology.  What kicked it all off was that we couldn’t get a line-of-sight with DirecTV.  So, that made me switch to Cable TV.  And if I’m going to switch to cable, I can save money and get higher speeds on cable Internet (fortunately, I canceled my Dry Loop DSL the day the turned it on, so no charge).

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