04 May

Linux.com Article: Using Windows, Xbox, and iPod as Alternative MythTV Front Ends


Originally published at www.linux.com on December 09, 2008 at 09:00 AM; reprinted with the author’s permission.

Digital video recorders (DVR) are becoming more and more mainstream. TiVo, in fact, has passed the truest test of any popular technology — having its name transformed into a verb. MythTV, a free and open source application that lets you turn a computer into a DVR, burst on the scene a few years ago, and has found fans among Linux users. However, with a little effort, it’s possible to run MythTV front ends on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Xbox, and even an Apple iPod Classic.

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23 Jun

Myth Works! All the Weather, All the Time


I found it.  And was subsequently able to record over 12 Gigs of The Weather Channel!  Yippie!  (That was just the channel I left it on for testing.)

Ok, here’s how it went down:  I finally swallowed my pride and dug through the mythtv-backend.log.  Well, actually, I opened up a terminal, switched to Myth, tried to watch Live TV, and then used “tail /var/log/mythtv/mythtv-backend.log” to see what just happened.  Much easier than “digging.”

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