23 Mar

Tex Murphy Overseer (Coming Soon)


Keep tuned…I’ll post soon with a complete setup guide. This game is running great, without much in the way of real issues on Windows XP. That is, except for the MIDI music… And yes, I know there’s other info out there (such as on the boards of the Unofficial Tex Murphy website), but I thought it might be nice to have it all in one spot.

In other big news, PHP is no where near the mystery it was to me a few days ago. I should have my own custom WordPress theme done sometime soon.

2 thoughts on “Tex Murphy Overseer (Coming Soon)

  1. Nice of you to help us setup old games man. I have a big problem thou. I have played Overseer before and i had a huge problem with the game crashing after the ruins when entering the lab. This was solved using the newest patch thou. I played very far without problem but then… you might remember the laser field. After i pass it and do something the game crashes. And it does it everytime i try it. Any suggestions?

  2. Yes–I *think* so. IIRC, the problem is related to the MIDI. So, mute the MIDI when entering the labs. Or always in my case. There may also be an issue with that wacky 3D sound API–so you might try fiddling around with that if the muting the music doesn’t help

    Hope this helps!

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