23 Apr

Tex Murphy Radio Theater and DOSBox Guides – The Recap!


I guess we’ve come to the end of the road with Tex for now. Simply some of the best adventure games ever made–without question. And honestly, I’m sad to see them all done. But, hey, we got them all running very well on Windows XP. Here are the guides, click on the box art to jump directly to the post:


These are all excellent games–I certainly wish that I could provide ISO files for the final three games. However, for one thing, Bryan probably wouldn’t want to pay for that kind of bandwidth for his server. But, while Access is gone, Microsoft now owns the rights to at least the final three games–and, frankly, I don’t know whether they can be considered abandonware.
Look, I’m not a lawyer–I don’t even play one on TV–but here is the delineation with which I can morally and ethically live:

If one may purchase a new copy from somewhere, then it is not abandonware.

This seems to be true for Arcade ROMs, games, and other software. In conversations with Michael Verdu several years ago, I pointed out many of the Legend Entertainment games on The Home of the Underdogs, and he said that he thought it was great. They had gone through a merger of some sort and the adventure market crashed, so he was happy that people could get at his work. I can’t suss out every possible angle, but my definition holds for LucasArts games–which can apparently still be purchased new…and LucasArts appears to be delighted to sue any site that does not respond to a Cease and Desist order.

All of that is well and good, but I’m not going to go up against Microsoft for hosting Tex Murphy ISO files. 🙂

And speaking of which, now that we’ve played all of the Tex games, where are we going to go to find out what happens next? Overseer ends in a massive cliff-hanger–and we are all left in the lurch.


The guys from Access came to our rescue with Tex Murphy Radio Theater. Six episodes on mp3; all extremely well-made, with high production values. They take up from the end of Overseer and lead us through the first chapter of the next planned game, which may never now be produced.

Please Note: The first and last episodes have a few (short), shall we say, “racy” bits. In the first, Tex is dreaming and it actually becomes a pretty funny joke if you stick with it. The last episode, well, it is only a brief comment and it can easily be skipped. I’m not sure why they went a little over-the-top with the radio shows in comparison to the games, but I thought it would be good to offer out fair warning.  As a gauge, though, it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow on network television.

Click the play button to listen online, or download the entire mp3:

Episode 1: The Naked and the Bed

[audio:Tex Murphy Radio Theater – Episode 1.mp3]

Episode 2: The Month of the Living Dead

[audio:Tex Murphy Radio Theater – Episode 2.mp3]

Episode 3: The Monkey’s Tail

[audio:Tex Murphy Radio Theater – Episode 3.mp3]

Episode 4: Foreshadowings and a Funeral

[audio:Tex Murphy Radio Theater – Episode 4.mp3]

Episode 5: Jail, Bail, and Happy Trails

[audio:Tex Murphy Radio Theater – Episode 5.mp3]

Episode 6: Games of Chance

[audio:Tex Murphy Radio Theater – Episode 6.mp3]

I had to convert the sampling rate of Episode 6. For some reason it was released as a 32000 Hz file, and my audio player will only play standard sampling rates, so I dropped it to 22050 and it works fine. I mention this in case someone notices the difference from the original.

And now, there you have it. Apart from a few IRC interviews archived around the web, we’ve covered about all the Tex Murphy information available anywhere. I had a blast, and I hope you did too.


In the works for the Fourth Law:

  • Next up for Retro Gaming will be Wing Commander. These games are imminently playable on DOSBox, and are great fun. Oh, yeah, and happen to be a major slice of PC history.
  • But on the Connections side of the house, Fourth Law will bring you a step-by-step guide to really secure the home network with enterprise-class protection from Endian Community. I’m looking forward to this one. The Internet is a nasty place, and your widdle NAT-based router won’t cut it anymore, so you don’t want to miss this one.

Check back early and often!