14 Mar

The Long Tail Took Jack Bauer’s Lunch Money

Yep. Pretty much the best bumper sticker evar: “I took Jack Bauer’s Lunch Money.” I think I may have an original there–better start printing them up fast!


My wife and I are pretty big fans of 24. We are currently in the middle of Season 5 from Netflix, with Season 6 stacking up on our DVR. Unfortunately, we already knew about President Logan’s treason due to a stupid promo that we caught on accident during another show.

Odd how some TV shows are actually surpassing movies in sustained interest level. I personally believe that the TV networks see the end of their business model fast approaching and are scrambling to create content that is actually compelling…but it won’t last. Not with DVRs. There is no way to make me watch commercials–the content would have to be almost impossibly great to overcome my (and the modern consumer’s) restlessness.

So what are networks going to do? Probably niche supply, stuff that Chris Anderson at the Long Tail has been talking about for years (?) now. Simply stated, there’s just no room for blockbusters anymore. I’ll steal his graphic here:


The more products there are, the less will be purchased as there aren’t enough buyers to go around.  You need to buy his book:

[amazon-product align=”center”]1401309666[/amazon-product]

Most importantly, why would I watch commercials when Netflix ships me DVD quality 24 disks as fast as I can watch them? Lost, too.