21 Aug

Time Out! Free Wii Games?


First: The Nintendo Wii is without question the best gaming console I’ve ever owned. Of course, it is the only console I’ve ever owned…but that’s another matter. When my best friend, Alex Jernigan, received his new Atari 2600 for Christmas, I got a Big Trak programmable tank.  And that’s about as close as it got for me to actually possessing a game machine.

(Dude, that trak is dope!)


Which was great…until my cousin, Paul Baron, dropped it after tripping over something in the dark. It developed a horrible “clicking” noise thereafter…the sound of some of the gears eating themselves. But, 25 years later, the counseling is going well, and I think I’m making pretty good progress…

Oh, well. Anyway:  Get a Wii. Really. Right now, I’ll wait.

[amazon-product align=”center”]B0009VXBAQ[/amazon-product]

And once you have one, you’ll need games. Like the incredible Super Paper Mario, which is unbelievably entertaining.

[amazon-product align=”center”]B000NNDN1M[/amazon-product]

We love to have other families over–sometimes 1 or 2 times each week. The Wii is usually central to the entertainment. And not just for the kids, as a matter of fact, the kids usually have to fight for a chance! One weekend we had mostly family in town, and the Wii stayed active for over 9 full hours! Another time, the amazing C-and-C stopped by (Chris and Courtney), and we visited until nearly 3:30AM, watching Rick Astley videos on the Wii’s browser and looking at all their European vacation pictures via the Wii’s SD card reader.

Alright. Now, I don’t ordinarily do this, but have a throw-away email address handy, click on this link and Sign up for Prize Rebel. I wouldn’t suggest it for many other sites, but this one seems different. Read the FAQ, take some surveys, and save up some points for from free Wii stuff.

Seriously, though, have a separate hotmail account or something! I shouldn’t have to tell you that.

I will continue with Wing Commander II shortly. There have been some nutty things happening with my work that totally threw me off my pace. I apologize for that. Anyway, stay tuned!