08 Jul

Wait! Let me get a hammer!

Well, it was bound to happen.  After all the hideously foolish things I’ve survived involving explosives, some of our antics have been caught on video.  Ok.  We purposely caught ourselves on video.  The right honorable Dr. Chris Lazarro, esq. and my own nutty self, Joseph Baxter, Sky Captain, ret. got together this Fourth of July and managed–barely–not to blow ourselves apart.

Oh, the fun that was had by all.  Actually, I think our wives were laughing at rather than with, but sometimes that’s hard to determine.

Let’s get this train wreck a-rollin’ with my pursuit of the elusive rocket glider.  Or, rather, since that isn’t availible, we’ll start with me taping bottle rockets to paper airplanes.

icon_mediaplayer1Rocket Gliders by Joseph Baxter

I love it.  The best part is my fight-or-flight double-step about halfway through the video.

Next, Chris will perform his rendition of the classic tune “Maybe I Over-Thought This” in four-part harmony.  Will our hero be able to successfully air-start a multi-stage bottle rocket?  Will random bits of paper ever really earn the name “stableizer fins”?  Will that wacky fuse ever light?  Tune in and see!

icon_mediaplayer1Airstart Prototype by Chris Lazarro

Disclaimer:  No bottle rockets were harmed in the making of these videos.  Much.