22 Mar

Who needs Nerdo?

The time of Nero has come and gone. It was great. Man, I remember the first time I used it–the big dog before that had been Adaptec EasyCD Creator. Which was rarely “easy”, and rarely “created” anything but coasters. Ah, the bygone era.

Now is the time of the ISO.

If you d/l any type of Linux, it will be on ISO. I updated a WatchGuard firewall the other day, and they are distributing on ISO. Someone can correct me, but aren’t all of the MSDN downloads ISO images? (If they’re not, they should be.)

I don’t use Nero any more–I have 3 tools that get me anywhere I want to go in the world of CDs (and DVDs).

First of all, you need the marvelous ISO Recorder Power Toy, by Mr. Alex Feinman. Just install it. It plugs into Windows Explorer to give you some new context menus. So, you want to copy a CD? Fine, put it in a drive, right-click, and choose “Copy CD to CD”. Or, right-click on a folder full of files and select “Create ISO Image File”.

At this point, the ISO Wiz4rd pops up and lets fly. Depending on how you’re using it, it might ask you for a file location.

Cool, I can copy CDs without Nero. Is that all?

Well, you can then use the equally wonderful and free Virtual CD Control Panel from Microsoft. It is unsupported, btw, and the risk to your PC and/or your sacred honor is yours alone to bear.

This great little program allows one to mount those ISO images as a virtual CD-ROM drive. It is EASY to install (if you follow the instructions). It works great for me. I travel quite a bit on business, and with this setup, I don’t have haul a lot of CDs with me on the plane. If I need one, I just load it up. I can burn it on-site if necessary.

As you can see, I’ve got lunix redhate loaded all up ons my Z: drive.

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