04 May

You’ve Been Selected!

First, you probably need to read this sluggy.

Twice this week I’ve received voicemails that said I have been selected for the grand prize.  The last one actually said that it was from “an entry in the mall”.  I mean, bald-faced.  I never fill out those silly cards in the malls–why on earth would anyone?  Not only that, it was my direct office line–no chance I’m giving that one out.

Bryan, in the next cube over, has been getting them too.

So I call them up and waste their time for a little while.  The first chick asked me my phone number.  I said in a sweet voice, “Doesn’t this prize confirmation number give you that informantion?” 

“No, it doesn’t work like that,” She told me haughtily.  “I need to verify your information.” 

“Ok.”  I said, “Give me my information and I’ll verify it for you.”

At this point, she was getting a little mad at me.  “How can I verify it if I give it to you?!?”

Once again, in the most innocent voice I could manage, “Oh?  You mean you don’t know who I am?  Then how can you have a new Ford Explorer for me?”

It kinda went downhill from there.

The next guy was from Phoenix, AZ.  When I called him and asked how he got this number, he told me that they got them from malls, sporting events, contest entries, etc.  I remarked how interesting that was, as this was an unlisted direct business line that I’m hesitant to give out even to my company’s own customers. 

He was good–I’m telling you.  All the while clucking sympathetically at this horrible mistake, he started in on his script; asking me for the number that I was contacted on…you know, so they could remove it from their list.  Wow.  I have to tell you he almost got me there.  I am a highly certified IT security professional and he almost social engineered me.  Who knows, maybe he was SK+ certified.

I told him that it couldn’t have been a misskey or something because several people had received the same call.  OH!  That was different–If I would just fax him a directory of all the direct lines in my office he’d make sure that they were off the call list!

Sometimes I just stop and marvel at it all.  I’ve got to give him props, he had some nerve.